2011 in Review for Spring Insight

SpringInsight_year_in_reviewAs 2011 draws to a close (yes, I know there are three more work days after today, but they won’t be work days for me) I feel the need to do a year in review blog post.  Is it cliche and overdone?  Yes, but this is my first year and my first such post so it isn’t over done by me.  So, without further ado, the things I think went well in 2011 and the things I am looking forward to doing better in 2012.

Things I did well:

1.  I started a business!

Let’s start with that as a foundational statement.  No matter what about that process I am unhappy with the fact remains that I started a business.  I set my mind toward starting a business and I did it. Spring Insight LLC didn’t exist in 2010 and though it might not be perfect at the end of 2011 it exists. Go me. 🙂

2. I adjusted my vision based on market needs.

As those of you who were tuned in at the very beginning might remember, Spring Insight was created as an ecommerce cause marketing consultancy.  Spring Insight now focuses on web and ecommerce strategy.  I did this for a variety of reasons.  The reasons aren’t important for now.  What is important is that I had the nerve to adjust my vision to meet market needs and admit to myself and others that my first idea wasn’t the right one and to evolve it to the right one

3.  I asked for a lot of help

Between attending learning sessions, taking surveys, networking, and forming a virtual board of directors, I have reached out to my community looking for help many times.  In turn that community has been extraordinarily generous with advice, business leads, and good wishes. Thank you!

4. I put the first steps first

When I explain that I started my business in March but wasn’t really providing client services until September, I frequently finding myself wanting to apologize.  I am going to own it hear as a positive.  I put first things first.  Before I started working with clients I got my ducks in order.  I set up a website, I did tedious infrastructure work, I found an au pair to watch my children so everything else would be possible. I suspect if I had done it otherwise I would be steps and steps behind… or burned out.

Things I look forward to doing better in 2012:

1.  Setting bigger goals

In 2011 I set reasonable and achievable goals and I made them.  In 2012, I will be setting some bigger goals.  Missing goals isn’t a terrible thing when you are trying for bigger and bigger things.

2. Being more accountable

The truth might be that in 2011 I set bigger goals and didn’t make them.  I am not really sure because I hadn’t set a good accountability mechanism. If I made the goal… great! If I didn’t?  Who knows?  I didn’t have a quarterly or yearly review.  That changes in 2012… remember that fore mentioned virtual board?

3. Being 100% present in the minute I am in

This means when I am working, I am working and not falling down into Facebook or Wikipedia rat holes from which I emerge confused about where the last half hour went.  It means that when I am with my family I am not checking my iPhone.  I don’t seem me getting 100% better at this but if I can do some incremental improvements that would be a very good thing.

4. Taking better care of Spring Insight’s most important asset

Since at this point Spring Insight is made up of one person (putting aside for now the beautiful cherry mission style furniture) taking care of that person is paramount.  2011 hasn’t been a banner year for that. That needs to change in 2012.


All in all, I am smiling and looking forward to 2012.  Thank you for all of the support you have provided me in 2011!