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A 3-Step Plan to Keep Your Resolutions

New year, clean slate, fresh start.

It’s an optimistic way to welcome 2017. Many businesses and organizations take time to reflect on past achievements, note the lessons learned, and launch the new year with inspiring goals.

Then there’s the dark–some would say realistic–side of New Year’s goals and resolutions: only 8% of people achieve them. That’s one dismal statistic, but please read on before you consider crumpling your organization’s goals and tossing them in the trash.

Luckily, behavioral scientists have zeroed in on why the failure rate is so high. They can also offer guidance for bucking the statistics and sticking to your resolutions. Here are three ideas from James Clear, who studies and writes about the latest research on successful habits and performance:

1. Keep the number of goals in check. If you set too many, you’ll spread your resources too thin to succeed. Prioritize and focus hard on what’s most important.

2. Be realistic about what it will take to achieve a goal. If you want to double your membership, but your organization lacks the staff, money, and/or time to commit to the goal, is it realistic? Does a 25% membership increase make more sense?

3. Design the processes necessary to achieve the goal. What actions must your company take to accomplish your goal of a 10% sales increase? X number of sales calls per day/week? More hours of engagement on social media? Scheduled follow-up interviews for every dropped membership? Lay out a set of concrete processes, measure their effectiveness, and adjust accordingly.

May you reach all of your New Year’s goals and have a successful 2017!

And if your list of 2017 goals includes a strategic, results-oriented marketing plan that turns prospects into clients, contact us. We can help!

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