7 Quick Tips for Creating a Website that Performs

  1. file000962069117Blog on a regular basis - Blogging on a consistent basis provides a number of benefits to your business including, reinforcing to search engines your keywords, showing potential clients and partners your subject matter expertise, answering questions, and even just making sure that you spend time on your website.
  2. Do the first glance test - When someone looks at your site for the first time, you have literally seconds to capture their focus. Does someone know what your site is about at first glance? If you can't, how can you change that? Perhaps a change in graphics?
    An acquaintance that has never been to your site
  3. Know your analytics - Your analytics are your best friends for making sure you website performs. Those numbers are key to knowing what is working and where to spend resources.
  4. Rewrite your content for your ideal customer persona - What is your ideal customer thinking when she visits your site? What is her motivation? How well do you understand her?  The better you understand what is driving her and the more focused your language is to her needs, the more likely she is to know your offering is the answer to what she is seeking.
  5. Don't be afraid to give too much - It is almost impossible to give too much out on your website.  Sharing your brilliance (see point 1) can only serve you well.
    Chris Brogan
    Jay Baer - Youtility
  6. Create a voice and own it - Your brand can and should have a personality. Having that voice will make your writing consistent, recognizable and likable.
    California Tortilla
    Honest Tea