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About Spring Insight

We are an online marketing company focused on helping our clients reach their full potential. We focus primarily on website strategy and online marketing but are available to help small business with any online needs they might have. Contact us today to find out more about our services for online marketing for small businesses.

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Meet Erika

erika-headshot-crop-225x300You know your friend who is always trying to reverse engineer the profit model of the store you are in while you shop for dresses? That’s me. I love to figure things out.

So, what makes me think I can help you with your online presence?

I started Spring Insight in 2011. Since that time I have had the honor of helping dozens of business, both local to the Bethesda, Maryland area and nationally, step up their web presence. These organizations have crossed the gamut from solo practitioners to private equity firms with hundreds of millions of dollars under management. Want to read more about the organizations I have worked with?

Check out our website strategy and design portfolio.

Some of what I did before founding Spring Insight:
  • spent over a decade (Yikes, was there even Internet back then?) working in marketing and online product management for companies such as AOL and the Graduate Management Admission Council
  • headed up marketing for Dyscern, LLC an Internet Retailer 500 Company that specialized in consumer electronics
  • started my marketing career working for The Walt Disney Company (Don’t listen to my husband, I wasn’t actually the character “Goofy.”)
  • received my MBA from the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and my B.A. in communications from Bradley University in beautiful downtown Peoria, Illinois
What do I love?

My favorite thing in the world (besides chocolate) is talking to businesses, figuring out what makes them tick and how they can tick better, faster or longer. I want to work with you to help you create a website (or other online marketing services) that makes your business run more efficiently and makes you more money. Did I mention chocolate?

Don’t go off thinking I do this all Internet marketing and web design by myself. It is my pleasure to work with a brilliant network of web professionals who make the design, development and search engine optimization possible. I can’t wait to introduce them to you.

Our difference

Spring-insight-differenceDoesn’t it seem like every time you turn around, you are talking to someone who says they can make your website better, generate more visitors or increase your web visibility? Is Spring Insight the right company to provide online marketing for your small business or organization? I don’t know, but here is what makes us different:

  1. We put your strategy before design – We will talk to you for a long time about your business before we put pen to paper and start to design a website or strategy. Yes, this process takes a bit longer, but when we are done, your plan is built specifically around YOUR business needs.
  2. Our “done” isn’t a completed website – We know from experience that a launched website is not the end for a client, it is the beginning. With that in mind, we work with our clients from day one to understand what the website will be to the organization, how it will be updated, how success will be measured (and lots and lots of other stuff), and we use all that information to create a site that makes sense for you.
  3. We believe this should be fun – So often when we talk to business owners about building their website they groan and clutch their abdomen at the thought of the process. It doesn’t have to be that way. With thoughtful leadership (and a bit of a sense of the ridiculous) we strive to make this process not just fruitful and productive but fun.
  4. We believe you deserve an expert – Can one person be an expert at all things online marketing and development? Maybe, but we haven’t met her yet. Instead of having one person who does your strategy, design, development and SEO, we bring in a network of people who do what they do really well.

Think we are right for you? I hope so!

For businesses nationwide, especially those in Maryland and Washington, DC, online marketing by Spring Insight is just a phone call (or email, or smoke signals) away.

We Give

You give, we give

At Spring Insight, we talk a lot about cause marketing and corporate responsibility.

We don’t just talk about giving back, we give a portion of our profit in the form of charitable donation. Some of the charities we have supported in conjunction with our clients include:

  • Capital Area Food Bank
  • Operation Starfish
  • Donors Choose
  • Kiva


I started Spring Insight in 2011 to answer a simple question, “can a small business create the same kind of strategic, usable web presence as bigger businesses on a reasonable budget?” I was certain that not only was the answer a resounding “YES” but it was time to start a business to help show other small businesses exactly how. While Spring Insight does not (yet) bring a long history, I have spent over a decade leading teams on creating complex interactive web campaigns, comprehensive Internet marketing plans and functional websites.

Why the name Spring Insight?

The idea behind the founding of Spring Insight was that the next “season” in online marketing is the one where not only the needs of the organization are taken into consideration but the needs of the world at large. Since the season of rebirth is spring, the name Spring Insight was a natural choice for a company that is about taking the next step… but taking it in a careful, methodical way.