Art Stream - Case Study

Project Summary

Industry: Non-Profit

Spring Insight Services: Website creation

Year Launched: 2020

Location: Montgomery County, Maryland


Services provided:

  • Web strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web development
  • Accessibility Compliance
Art Stream’s accessibility-friendly homepage displayed on a variety of devices
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Spring Insight took a messy, outdated, chaotic, semi-functional website and created a well-functioning, attractive, user-friendly website! Even better, the site is fully ADA-accessible so our clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities – including autism – can find what they need.

The site is very welcoming to newcomers. Erika and the Spring Insight team kept the focus on how best to portray our mission. They coordinated focus groups that allowed our clients to test the website functionality and then improve the site based on the feedback. They helped us select the best class registration/ticketing software to integrate into the site. They cheerfully kept us on schedule so our site could open on time and immediately start processing donations and payments.

After almost a year of activity and two different Communications Directors, the site is still working beautifully. It got us safely through the pandemic when it suddenly became the only way for people to find us!

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Heller An Shapiro
Executive Director

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Art Stream is a non-profit organization specializing in creating opportunities that integrate populations with intellectual and developmental disabilities to neurotypical teens and adults. Through classes and performance opportunities, Art Stream creates spaces for a vulnerable population to change the trajectory of their future literally.

When Art Steam hired Spring Insight, they had a website that was created on a custom-built theme that allowed for limited modifications and updates. While the website was functional, users complained that it was confusing and difficult to navigate. Because the navigation was created to be more "fun" than functional, it wasn’t intuitive for users to find the information they were looking for.

The Spring Insight Project

Spring Insight built Art Stream a new website that was visually appealing and highly functional. The new website used clear language and intuitive navigation, creating a far more accessible user experience for its clients, parents, and guardians. In addition to the general marketing portion of the site, Spring Insight was instrumental in selecting ticket sale software to serve the organization's and its audience's needs.

Throughout the building process, Spring Insight worked with Art Stream to conduct focus groups on the ongoing work to ensure that both UX and graphic design complied with the needs and desires of the organization’s stakeholders. The new site was also built to comply with and tested against relevant Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA standards.

Art Stream’s accessibility-friendly homepage displayed on a variety of devices