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Taking Time Away from Your Business This Summer? Automate or Outsource to Stay Connected

Summer is a popular season for business owners to take time away from the hustle and find more flow. Before you sign out and step into those sandals, there are some communication considerations you need to make to stay connected to your customers.

Throughout the month of June, Spring Insight is here to help you make your website (and your business!) vacation ready. In the first article, we covered how to summer-ize your website’s homepage. The second in our June series focused on communicating with your clients through thoughtful contact form treatment and in-house delegation.

In the third and final installment of our vacation-ready series, we are taking our communication efforts one step further. Business owners can benefit greatly from automation or outsourcing of critical communication channels. Here’s how.

Automate Email, Newsletter, and Social Media Communications 

Small businesses have to stay connected to their clients to maintain revenues or, better yet, grow them. The primary means of communication for many of those organizations are emails, newsletters, and social media. To keep those touchpoints current and consistent, you need to plan in advance how you will keep them going while you are away.

Many platforms include automation features that make this task much easier to achieve. You will have to spend some time in advance writing and scheduling your content, of course, but automation makes it possible for that content to be delivered at the time you want it sent without your direct involvement. Automation allows you to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce the tedium associated with repetitive tasks
  • Streamline workflows
  • Free yourself and your team up to do higher-thinking work

Outsource Email, Newsletter, and Social Media Communications 

The other option is to outsource these activities. Business owners who choose to outsource their communication tasks need to choose carefully! You want to work with someone who really understands your business and what you are trying to accomplish. 

Picking a freelancer who will work for minimal costs may seem appealing. We get it! Your bottom line matters. But, one tone-deaf social media post or misrepresentative newsletter can have devastating consequences that linger long after the mishandled words enter cyberspace. 

Instead, outsource this critical business component to an established, trusted, competent partner. At Spring Insight, we help business owners as you stay in touch with their audience no matter what beach the business owner is visiting this season. 

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