Being Thankful in Business

Unless you live off the grid (in which case, I don’t know how you could be reading this), you are Thankful in Businessprobably aware of the concept of the 30-Day Thankfulness Challenge that has been a trend each November on Facebook and other social media for the past few years. Don’t get me wrong; I am a big supporter of anything that motivates people to focus on the good things in life and I’m aware of the social science research showing that the more you express gratitude, the happier you are. But it is a little disappointing that people, who live in the First World, consider it a personal challenge to come up with just 30 things to be thankful for over the course of a whole month.

Still, I’m not above finding blog inspiration wherever I can. So, all this month I’ll be blogging with gratitude for the things and people that contribute to Spring Insight’s success all year long. I have a hunch that many of the things I’m thankful for are things that you are also thankful for. Yay for solidarity! And if you aren’t thankful for them now because you don’t know about them, let this be an opportunity for you to learn about something new and then you can be thankful for me.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come: there are some awesome online tools Spring Insight uses and that make maintaining a business website so much easier. If you aren’t aware of these tools, do yourself a huge favor and check back next week to familiarize yourself with them. Of course, I’m thankful for my team and I’ll explain what makes our working together so successful. There’s the immediate Spring Insight team, but there’s also my extended team of folks who help to motivate me and who I reach out to for various reasons. Last, but certainly not least, I am especially grateful to you, my audience who help make all that I do worthwhile.

So this November take some time out to think about all that you’re thankful for, express your gratitude to those who bring joy to your life (even the barista who spells your name wrong sometimes), and read my blog each week to see how my gratitude can become your windfall.