The cadence of summer

2312148642_2ae7d47bbf_zToday I took a look at my blog and realized that it had been left dormant for almost two months. No new posts, nadda. I have also been remiss on the newsletter front. Sure, there was a vacation in there. There was also a few hairy scary client deadlines. Between you and I though, none of those is the real culprit. The real culprit? The cadence of summer.

There is something about summer that makes time just feel different. Schedules are so shaken up. Frequently, if there is a routine, it is the absence of routine. The school year (for those of us with kids at home) is all about routine. It is all about who need to be where/when and how will we get them there with what they need to have.

Summer doesn’t have those schedules, those limitations, that structure. Of course work gets done, remember those hairy scary deadlines? It is just that the extra stuff suffers. The marketing, the brand building. I am of two minds on this. On the one hand, it needs to get done! To build a successful year round business, you can’t just shut down during the summer. On the other, you also can’t drive so hard all the time. It is nice to have a time of year where it is ok to run your toes through the sand and do just what needs to be done.

Either way, my younger daughter is back from her away camp, my elder daughter will be back in a couple of weeks. The summer is ending. It is time to pick everything back up and start with a real routine. Expect to see this space filled with all sorts of stuff in the coming weeks.



~Image by Helen Cook, used via Creative Commons