silhouette of person's face with letters and words coming out of its mouth

The Business of the Brain on the Internet: Get Tone(d) for Summer

Let’s talk about that most elusive of goals: tone… Nope, I don’t mean your wobbly upper arms.  If your business has a digital side, you’ve probably seen or heard discussions of tone of voice. In person, tone is a relatively easy thing to suss out, describe, and hit. If you’ve ever gurgled to a baby,…

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The Business of the Brain on the Internet: Go Big on a Budget

Production values worthy of Hollywood, celebrity endorsements, sexy shoots in exotic places…the bigger the marketing budget, the better the buzz over your product, right? Not really. From Budweiser and Buick to Instant Pot and HelloFlo, the fundamentals of a viral marketing campaign remain the same. First and foremost–now and forever–it’s all about them not you.…

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