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Are You Good At What You Do?

Does Spring Insight do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) well? I have to be honest; if you had asked me back in February if we were any good at SEO, I would have said we were probably an 8.5 out of ten. Sure, we aren’t Bo Derek. (Dial it down, young ones! That is an actual,…

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secret formula

Our Secret Formula to Winning Business During a Global Pandemic

A global pandemic has clear winners and losers. Theaters? Losers. Bike repair shops? Winners. Fine dining restaurants? Losers? Digital strategy firms? Well… it can go either way. On the one hand, who the f*ck wants to make strategic investments when we could be entering into a long recession? On the other hand, in a world…

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How much does a website cost?

Twenty-three minutes into a call last week, the client prospect dropped the question. The big one. The one I expect and yet dread. She asked, how much does a website cost? It is a simple question. It is one that I have managed a thousand times. So if I have answered the question so many…

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Bitcoin Scams and Your Website

Monday morning at 1:40 AM, I received an email from a client of ours concerned about a message she received.  Submitted via her site’s contact form (full text below), the message stated that the sender had found a vulnerability within the organization’s website and thus would be able to get their database credentials and move…

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Marketing During a Pandemic

What does marketing look like during a worldwide pandemic? As the outsourced marketing team for a number of organizations, we have been giving a lot of thought about what marketing means during these bizarre and fraught times. For instance, we wouldn’t think twice during another time about sending a loud and proud email promoting a…

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Hunt, Kill, Eat (Metaphorically)

As a rule, professional services organizations all go through the same cycle. They hunt, they kill, and they eat. All metaphorical, of course. (Not to say that I don’t periodically have killing on my mind.) Searching for potential leads, converting leads into clients, and completing work for clients – while not as catchy – is…

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Four Supplies to Pack in Your Business “Backpack”

It’s that time of year again. Parents all over the United States have a certain spring in their step and are turning their thoughts towards carpools, school uniforms, sports registrations and new school supplies. After you finish searching the aisles of your local office supply store for just the right brand of notebook, take a…

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First One In, Last One Out

Hello everyone! I’ve been spending a fair amount of this month relaxing poolside, cocktail in hand, celebrating my birthday with loved ones in Hawaii. Lest you think I was completely idle during that time, let me assure you: I was. But occasionally, I devoted some quality clear-headed time to thinking critically about Spring Insight. As we’ve been…

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