Hands holding a heart with the words “thank you,” concept for showing gratitude in business

How Do You Show Gratitude In Business?

‘Tis the season for thankfulness, and we’re nothing if not timely here at Spring Insight. But while you’re likely sharing your gratitude for health and happiness at the family dinner table, everyone has things to be thankful for in their professional life as well. And although gratitude should be a part of your business year-round,…

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Google Analytics 4 reports and graphs floating over an internet icon

Migrating Your Business Website to Google Analytics 4

When you think of all the tools in your business toolbox, undoubtedly, your business website is way up there in terms of importance. And being the savvy business owner you are, you don’t view your website as a static, unchanging portrait that simply smiles and looks pretty.  You know that you can learn a ton…

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Computer Magnet_Getting More Website Traffic

How to Get More People to Visit Your Website

Your website is, without question, an absolutely imperative part of your business. It is where people go to check your legitimacy, get a feel for you, your brand, and what you offer, and yes, by golly, it is where you get leads that convert to customers. It is not a stretch to say it is…

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A single website designer working next to a group of website developers and designers

Website Designer Vs. Digital Marketing Agency

Do you need a website designer or a digital marketing agency? What’s the difference between the two? I have to admit, I feel like the answer to this is pretty straightforward, so I am surprised when the topic comes up. And it comes up often. First, let’s define terms. Knowing the difference between the two…

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Team members smiling in front of playgrounds

Your Team is Virtual, What do you do About Pictures?

Remember when everyone who worked together sat in the same office? I am not even talking about pre-pandemic here. I mean, remember when having a job always meant getting up, putting on clothes (likely panty hose if you are a woman) driving in traffic, and going into an office? That simply isn’t the world we…

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Person smiling over video conference during covid-19 pandemic

Marketing During a Pandemic

What does marketing look like during a worldwide pandemic? As the outsourced marketing team for a number of organizations, we have been giving a lot of thought about what marketing means during these bizarre and fraught times. For instance, we wouldn’t think twice during another time about sending a loud and proud email promoting a…

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Cartoon of woman taking a bath while thinking about marketing strategy

Don’t Throw Out Your Marketing Strategy With the Bathwater

Let’s talk about marketing strategy. It seems appropriate for a digital marketing blog. When was the last time you thought about your marketing? Sometimes the answer is “never.” In which case, I suggest that it’s a good idea to start with at least the bare minimum. When it comes to the business owners that do…

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