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Giving Thanks for Failure

Well, we blinked, another year passed, and Thanksgiving is upon us once again. As I do every year, I have been reflecting recently on where Spring Insight is, how it got there, and how many people I have to thank for that growth. This year, it strikes me in particular how much failure has played…

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Forward Movement is the Antidote for Uncertainty

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. There’s plenty of good advice out there about setting a goal before you take action. At Spring Insight, for example, we wouldn’t dream of launching a marketing campaign without a clear idea of the target audience…

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A 3-Step Plan to Keep Your Resolutions

New year, clean slate, fresh start. It’s an optimistic way to welcome 2017. Many businesses and organizations take time to reflect on past achievements, note the lessons learned, and launch the new year with inspiring goals. Then there’s the dark–some would say realistic–side of New Year’s goals and resolutions: only 8% of people achieve them.…

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On Following Up and Working December

December is a weird month for small business owners. I have been known to describe it as the Month of Fridays. But this year, I’m declaring December the Month of Following Up. I am all about finishing 2016 strong and hitting the ground running in January. And judging from the number of emails I’ve gotten…

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House with unfinished structure in the yard

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come.

Picture this: you own a successful local retail business in, say, beautiful Washington, DC. All of your hard work and sacrifice is paying off. You aren’t banging it out of the park, but you are doing nicely. Your customer base is growing, your inventory is under control, and you are starting to turn a steady…

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A calendar full of appointments and pushpins, concept for marketing strategy

Tips For Managing Your Marketing Strategy

With the Labor Day weekend behind us, the carefree days of summer are gone once again. Oh. Who am I kidding? When you own a small business, there are no actual carefree days. (How is it that our kids “busy” makes us so busy? That doesn’t seem fair.) The business world has a cycle to…

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