Woman cleaning out fridge, concept for updating website content

Website Content: Does Your Website Need a Spring Cleaning?

Many years ago, when I was getting my MBA, the professor of accounting loudly proclaimed to our class, “Beware of the information you receive from your balance sheet! Are your assets really assets?” His point was that just because we own an item, like website content, perhaps, doesn’t always mean it is an asset. Is…

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Sticky notes describing aspects of local seo

The Bare Minimum Guide to Local SEO for A Small Business

The thing you learn about owning a small business is that there is always something else you should be doing. It might be focusing on business development tasks, writing an employee handbook, or updating your year-to-date revenue actuals to forecast. But, there is always something that stays on the to-do list month after month and…

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Stylized search engine on a browser

Why SEO Services Still Matter in 2023!

This will age me, but I remember the old days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the 2000s and even the early part of the 2010s, an organized group of people with a grudge could work together to redefine a word or a name and “teach” Google to point traffic searching that term to go…

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blog page with spider webs, concept for a neglected content creation strategy

Content Writing: Stop Blowing Off Your Blog

You probably have a blog if you have a business and a website. Or, to be more accurate, you probably have a blog tab with a handful of blogs from 2017. Hey, I get it. Writing and publishing blogs is a time-consuming process, and it’s hard to draw a straight line in your mind from…

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Various animal representing website speeds, like a cheetah and turtle

Spring Insight Moved to AMP, and We Think You Should Too

Do you have a “good” website? Not just attractive – but optimized to perform well in today’s digital world? It might seem like the web world is constantly changing. Unfortunately, the noise can be overwhelming, and, to be honest, it’s hard to know which improvements are fading trends and which are ones to jump on.…

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Example of non-secure and secure sites

Is your website ready for Google’s security changes?

Every so often, a powerful company in an industry makes a decision that shifts the earth upon which we stand. Do you remember the last time you played a game on Flash? I’m betting it’s been a while, because in one fell swoop in 2010, Steve Jobs felled Flash by announcing that Apple iOS products…

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Google homepage displayed on a laptop

Own a Website? You Need To Read This

Remember that old saying, “When I tell you to jump, you ask how high?” Every industry has an 800-pound gorilla that periodically tells everyone to jump. When it comes to the web, that gorilla is Google. Google and other search engines update and tweak their algorithms all the time. Hundreds of updates occur every year…

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Computer screen with a 1-star review featured

Attack of the (Business) Killer Websites

We spend a good portion of our daily lives online and that can be a great thing. Information about everything from the best car to buy to the newest way to consume pumpkin spice is immediately available to us 24/7. The flipside of living in an age that is so engaged online, though, is that…

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