Man with hands on hips looking at various calendar dates

2020, The Year of the Webinar

There is nothing particularly new and innovative about webinars. Surely you have been going to webinars for years. But, this does seem to be the Year of the Webinar. The reason is obvious: being stuck at home doesn’t obviate our need to learn. Webinars let us take in new skills during scraps of time from…

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Erika holding a magnifying glass up to a document with the words "web firm"

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Hire a Web Firm

It’s time to build your next website! That is awesome news. We hope we get a chance to talk to you about the project. But, whether you hire us or another firm we have some questions you should answer before you even start the process of talking to web firms. Sure, a good firm will…

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Brunette thinking deeply with question marks around her

How much does a website cost?

Twenty-three minutes into a call last week, the client prospect dropped the question. The big one. The one I expect and yet dread. She asked, how much does a website cost? It is a simple question. It is one that I have managed a thousand times. So if I have answered the question so many…

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Burglar holding a fishing rod in front of a computer_concept for bitcoin scam

Bitcoin Scams and Your Website

Monday morning at 1:40 AM, I received an email from a client of ours concerned about a message she received.  Submitted via her site’s contact form (full text below), the message stated that the sender had found a vulnerability within the organization’s website and thus would be able to get their database credentials and move…

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Cartoon of Bob Marley with Jamaican flag

Hey Bob Marley, Stop Stealing My Bandwidth

The amazing thing about owning a business is that sometimes the problems are super interesting. Let me tell you such a tale, and in the process, teach you about a nefarious practice called “hotlinking”. About a month ago, I received an overage bill for traffic to a site that we host. I resell hosting from…

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GDPR Compliance and You (and your North American Business)

As our friends/overlords at Facebook would be quick to inform us, digital privacy is one of the biggest issues we face today. After spending decades mindlessly checking boxes that shared personal information with all manner of organizations, consumers are starting to realize that giving someone eternal access to their personal information in exchange for insight…

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