Constructions signs on a browser, concept for website maintenance

Keep Up on Website Maintenance or Your Site Will Break Down

Over the course of this month, we will explore a number of risks that have the potential to damage your business, like website maintenance and accessibility. We have seen these vulnerabilities impact our small business clients in real and damaging ways, and we would like to help you avoid similar problems.  Our first item is…

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Businessperson with a computer screen for a head

Lessons 2020 Taught Us About Our Website

No one can say that 2020 wasn’t a good teacher. With every passing week and every “unprecedented” news story, we learned all kinds of things. The definition of terms like “social distancing” and “super spreader.” We learned how to master the intricacies of Zoom, what to look for in a face mask, and exactly how…

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Uncle Sam dressed in Spring Insight colors

Your Website Needs a Care Plan

Recently, a care plan client of mine asked me to provide some design work for her website. When I explained that the work would be out of scope, she asked me what exactly she was paying me for every month. At first, I couldn’t believe this question. My website clearly states what all is provided…

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woman with purple hair carrying moving boxes

Should I Stay or Should I Go? From Drupal to WordPress, That Is.

If you’ve hung around web strategy corners of the internet for any length of time, you’ll be familiar with the “the sky is falling” attitude that accompanies many significant changes to the status quo. We see it with just about every major Google Analytics update, we saw it when WordPress transitioned to Gutenberg, and we’re seeing…

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Cartoon of Bob Marley with Jamaican flag

Hey Bob Marley, Stop Stealing My Bandwidth

The amazing thing about owning a business is that sometimes the problems are super interesting. Let me tell you such a tale, and in the process, teach you about a nefarious practice called “hotlinking”. About a month ago, I received an overage bill for traffic to a site that we host. I resell hosting from…

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Various animal representing website speeds, like a cheetah and turtle

Spring Insight moved to AMP, and we think you should too.

Do you have a “good” website? Not just attractive – but optimized to perform well in today’s digital world. It might seem like the web world is constantly changing, at least to us. The noise can be overwhelming and, to be honest, you really can ignore a lot of the “improvements.” (Aren’t you glad you…

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Spring Insight Favicon

Favicons: The Must-Have Website Accessory

When it comes to talking about website strategy, I usually focus on simple but dramatic elements that make a big difference to the look and feel of your website. For example, if you want users to associate your brand with their comfort, avoid website elements that remind you of a virtual used car salesperson. This…

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Should your website slow for summer?

It seems only appropriate that I write a blog post about slowing for summer. You haven’t seen anything I have written for a few weeks. Guess why? Well, I slowed for summer. I struggle every year with whether (or how) I should slow writing production down for the summer. Do I write and schedule a blog…

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