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When it Comes to a Pandemic, What is Your Lane?

How many emails have you received from organizations about how they are handling the COVID-19 outbreak. The tipping point for me was the email I received from a small online shoe company I bought shoes from three years ago. Thanks for letting me know that you are taking care of your employees, but really that isn’t helpful. On the other hand, the update I received from a local restaurant detailing the safety precautions they were taking internally and how pickup and delivery would be handled? That was news I could use. 

What we are finding with communications during this odd time in history is that we can all lend a hand in getting information out there. It just comes down to figuring out what information you have that others could use in dealing with the world we find ourselves in right now. So, for instance, our client that runs a bookkeeping firm? She is sending out daily emails about the CARES Act that was passed by the US government. Spring Insight? You are reading our response. We are writing regular updates about how small businesses should market during the time of COVID-19. 

What is your lane?