Do DOJ Website Accessibility Requirements Apply to Your Website?

Take this Short Quiz and Learn What You Can do to Get into Compliance.

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Should Your Website Be Accessible?

Take this Short Quiz and Learn if Your Website should comply with Accessibility standards.

Does your site need to get into compliance with the newly established standards?

A new rule under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was published in April 2024 that strengthens accessibility requirements for state and local government websites. In the same way that the ADA requires physical spaces to be accessible to everyone, this new rule establishes baseline compliance requirements in the digital domain.

“This final rule marks the Justice Department’s latest effort to ensure that no person is denied access to government services, programs, or activities because of a disability. By issuing clear and consistent accessibility standards for state and local governments’ digital content, this rule advances the ADA’s promise of equal participation in society for people with disabilities.” - Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, (Official Press Release)

If your site is required to follow the new accessibility standards, the team at Spring Insight can help! We are leaders in digital accessibility and regularly design and maintain public and private sector sites that meet, or exceed, accessibility standards. You see, many of our clients are not required to be compliant…rather, they choose to be accessible. 

If you and your business or organization believe that equal access is a basic right we should all rightfully expect, accessibility of your digital content should matter. At Spring Insight we believe website accessibility is a responsibility we should all share and care about, whether a site is in the public space or not. It’s just the right thing to do. 

We can help you align that value to your online presence. Want to learn more about making your website more accessible? Click the link below. 

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