Embracing change: Spring Insight

springinsight-logoThe topic of the month this month is spring in sight. As promised, I am exploring the idea of the rebirth and rejuvenation that spring offers us ever year. There is a tremendous irony to this topic falling right now. March marks the official one year mark for Spring Insight. I consider the start date more like late October (when I started doing client work) but if you go by LLC registration and name selection, March is the date.

Here is where the irony enters.  In the year the year since I first envisioned Spring Insight it has been reborn multiple times.  It went from being an ecommerce cause marketing consultancy to a web strategy firm. It went from offering web strategy services exclusively to a turn key solution for web presence. Most recently, it was reborn with a more honed market segment and variable pricing. At times, I must admit that I feel like I have spent more time reinventing Spring Insight than I have spent doing work as Spring Insight. (As I type this I realize that I best not count the hours lest that be true.)

I don’t regret any of the reinventions. When I discuss web presence with customers I always stress that websites are not a box you can check but an iterative part of a business.  That is true both with Spring Insight and with our website (which will be getting a face lift in the next month or two.)

As frustrating as I find the time and confusion involved with all of this reinvention, I am embracing it.  After all, isn’t it true that if you don’t change you wither and die? So my message today, don’t run from change, seek it.  There is no doubt that it is uncomfortable, sometimes it genuinely hurts. But as painful as it is, you will most likely be better off for the process.