Five Things You Can Do for Your Business Before the End of the Year

2013 Concept New Year ClockAs we watch the news retrospectives on the year (or really at the moment as we watch the depressing stories emanating from Connecticut) it is easy to think that there is too little time left to affect real change for our business this year. As the idea of the month this month, End Strong, suggests though that is simply not the case. There is still time this year for you to do something for your business that will have real impact. Here are five ideas.

1. Create a holiday related cause campaign

Show your customers just how much you care about the community and the things that they care about by creating a great cause campaign that gives back and creates good will among your customers. For some inspiration, please check out the Spring Insight Save the World project and the posts I did last month on cause marketing.

2.  Reach into your contacts and find 10 prospects that you didn’t convert and contact them

Don’t just send them a generic holiday card but send them a personalized email. Ask them how things are going. Ask them where things stand with something you know was a pain point for them. Ask them if they want to do coffee to discuss the issue further. Try to reengage.

3. Read through your to do list and find something that you have been putting off for ages and just do it!

We all have these items, I know I do! Items that you have moved forward on your to do list so often that you no longer really even see them. Pick one and get it done. Just sit down and dedicate a few hours and finish it. You might just be surprised at how much easier it is than you thought it would be.

4. Call a client of yours and thank him for his business and ask if he has any colleagues you might be able to help.

Sometimes we simply forget to ask for business. Rectify that.

5. Dedicate some time to sit down and carefully research a competitor

One thing that is rather lovely about this time of year is that for many of us the ceaseless stream of deliverables slows down a bit. This means we can catch our breath, get out of the weeds and look at how others do business. Take a look at a competitor you know that is doing it well and see what you can tell about how they are doing it. Are they blogging? Are they advertising in certain venues? What is going on in their heads?

Coming soon… Five ways to start the year right