Follow up from DCWW Pinterest event

PinterestI had the great pleasure last night of moderating a panel of true professionals on a panel that discussed how DC Businesses are using Pinterest.  What an amazing event! The panel included:

Personally, I had so many take always that it is hard to summarize just a few nuggets but here are the things that stuck with me.

  1. The value of Pinterest is the ability to portray your products in a visual way
  2. Whenever possible provide your own pictures for your boards.  Not only does it avoid all of the copyright issues but it is more authentic
  3. Real businesses have had real successes with Pinterest but not every business will make it work. Every business needs to create its own social media strategy and find what works for them.
  4. If you use text such as “this is pretty!” you are wasting your ability to help others find your image in search.
  5. With Pinterest, like with any new social technology, set a few small goals for your presence and work toward them.

In addition to the overall discussion, the group (and the audience) talked about many different tools that they used to enhance their Pinterest experience, such as:

  • PicMonkey – An online photo editor for customizing pictures
  • PicStitch – An iPhone app that combines multiple photos into one
  • PinReach – A Pinterest analytics tool
  • Pinerly – A Pinterest analytics tool

Other resources discussed: