Man Using Screen Reader on Computer

Free Accessibility Audit

If a blind person comes to your website, how well can they consume the information? What about someone with a muscular disability necessitating tabbing through the site instead of utilizing a mouse? Would they be able to find and quickly navigate to all of the information you provide?

If you aren’t sure about the answer, your website is likely not accessibility friendly. That is a problem. Not only is accessibility the right thing to do, but not doing so creates legal risk. While, as of this writing, the laws around what businesses are required to follow website accessibility guidelines remain murky, one thing is clear, web accessibility litigation continues to grow steadily. As a result, we are talking a lot about website accessibility these days, and if you own a business, you should be as well.

Are you not sure if your website is accessible or just in a place where you want to learn more about what accessibility requirements are and how your organization can better comply, sign up for a free accessibility audit. Spring Insight’s audit will run 75 individual tests to determine your website’s compliance with current accessibility standards.