How we are saving the world… one reader at a time

classBack in December, I asked for your help to save the world. At that time, I offered you five options on where we could donate the Spring Insight holiday card budget. We explored different options all around the world from fresh water in Africa to schools in South Sudan. You have spoke, you decided that instead of traveling so far, we should spend the money at home and help teach local kids the basics. The project we chose, supporting a high poverty school in DC with math supplies, was funded before the voting ended. I figured you wouldn’t have too much issue with my taking a small liberty though and finding a similar project.

It turns out the same teacher was seeking more learning tools for her kids at Community Academy Public Charter School, this time for literacy. With your help, we purchased this class fun, play-based tools to teach this class the most fundamental skill you can learn… how to read.

Thank you for making this project possible through your generous support of Spring Insight. I look forward to another year of changing the world… and creating strategic, functional websites!