Idea of the month: End 2012 Strong

eor (1)I live at the end of a dead end street, As a matter of fact, my house is the second house from a fence. So, I understand the inclination to slow down as you approach the end of something. Psychologically, it makes sense to slow down before the end of the year as well. For those of us living in the western world, we are in the midst of our ever expanding “holiday season”. It is a time to relax a bit, to take stock of all that surrounds us and to spend our time shopping.

Hence my idea of the month for December… End Strong! There is a big difference between reaching the end of my street and reaching the end of 2012. The difference is the fence I mentioned earlier. At the end of my street you have to slow down and stop. If you don’t, you will crash through the fence and eventually the condo building on the other side. That isn’t the case with 2012. You know what happens if you keep going full speed through the end of 2012? You start 2013 running!

So this month, posts about ending 2012 strong so you can start 2013 right.

Look for more blog posts on the topic this month

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