In defense of slowing down for summer

OBX_sunsetIn popular culture the notion of the harried entrepreneur is a popular one.  The notion of working weekends and never vacationing is a firmly entrenched one. I think this is unpopular to admit, but I need my vacation time. I need to slow down and take in the world around me.

At the time of this writing, I have just returned from a family vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (where I took that beautiful sunset photo.) In three weeks I am leaving my desk once more to go to Australia for 10 days.  Yes, it is true that I am fortunate that I can make decisions like this in my earlier days and not every entrepreneur can drop everything and go on a trip down under.  But a break doesn’t need to be a big trip.

Just this morning I read a blog post from Peter Shankman (who I respect a lot) about how you need to use the summer not to slow down but to speed up.  He made some excellent points. His underlying premise is that everyone slows down for the summer and that makes it the best time for you, the reader, to speed up.

I agree in the abstract but I can’t help but wonder, if we are using the summer to rev up, when do we recharge?  When do we slow down and smell the flowers? For me, I know that I am more creative, happier, and more productive when I have taken a break and looked around. It isn’t a coincidence that the Spring Insight idea of the month for July is Relax and for August is Inspiration.

Bottom line, Spring Insight is open for business this summer.  We are producing amazing web sites and online marketing plans for clients, we are soliciting new business and we are producing content.  But, we are also enjoying the summer with a little more room to breath.  We are jumping in the sprinkler with the kids and taking in the world.  In this race, I feel comfortable with my pace. 🙂

Happy sunshine,