Just fix it

iStock_000016063656XSmallGot something broken?  Fix it.

Not sure if you have the right price and want to research more?  Set a very short limit on how long you are going to research and then fix it.  The amount you are going to spend in time researching it will outweigh the savings very soon.

Don’t think it is quite broken enough yet to prioritiize?  It will break more.  Things never stay only slightly broken for long.  Fix it.

Not sure on what color, font, style, shade to make the fix?  Spend a limited amount of time to get at the answer and then fix it.  It is possible you will need to modify the fix slightly, but if that is the case you are modifying something that is fixed and not worrying about dealing with something that is broken.

Think other things need to be prioritized over your broken item?  No, nothing is more vital then fixing what is broken.  Broken things cause always cause more damage and make you look careless.

Think you are just about ready to fix it but need to think about it longer?  No, you really don’t. Thinking doesn’t get it fixed, fixing it does.

Not sure you know the right fix?  Ok, fix it a little so it is a bit less broken while you make plans but in the meantime, make sure you are working toward fixing it.

Anyway… just fix it!