Little did I know when I went into a clothing boutique in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that I was insideout - black_white_redsetting out on a frustrating odyssey to find a tunic. Ok, fast backward… a few months ago, I went to a clothing store and bought a tunic dress I loved. Seriously, I can’t wear it without having at least two people asking me where I purchased it because it is so cute.

Clearly this is a brand I want to know better. So, when I returned home, I decided to find out where I could find this brand locally so I could see about different styles of tunics.

Step 1: Check the clothing label to get the name of the brand.

Step 2: Google brand to find website. Here is where the whole thing started to go awry. The name brand is Inside Out. In case you have been hiding under a rock, I will remind you that Disney released a movie called Inside Out last year (Yay girl hockey player!). So, my searches for Inside Out Clothing rendered multiple pictures of cartoon characters on shirts. Not quite on point. But, after much searching (and remembering that the retailer said they were based in Florida) I found a website for the clothing brand! Hooray! My search is over! Not so fast…

Step 3: Checkout website in excitement with credit card in hand looking for new shirts to buy. No luck. They don’t sell shirts online. I get it. Ecommerce is expensive. So, on to…

Step 4: Check website for list of retailers by state so I can look for a local retailer in the DC area. Nope. No luck there either. They don’t list retailers. Ok, last resort.

Step 5: Find contact information and send email through web submission asking about local retailers (then call phone number and leave voicemail asking same). Received no response from company.

Step 6: Look on Facebook to see if I can find the brand there and communicate with them. Nope, no presence there (though there are about 50 other clothing brands that use Inside Out in their name.) Seriously a ton!

Step 7: (Because NO ONE says I give up easily) look on eBay to see if I can find a retailer there. See results from Step 2. You can buy as many cartoon t-shirts as you want.

So, does this brand just not want me wearing their clothing? Why are they making it so hard for me to find them? What would I tell them (IF I COULD GET AHOLD OF THEM)?

  • Bad luck on the Disney front. You probably used the name first, but now that Disney has entered, it is time to alter the name even if slightly. Might I suggest “Inside Out Fashions” or “Inside Out Florida?”
  • You don’t have to sell shirts on your site, but you do have to tell me how I can buy a darn shirt. You can link me to retailers that sell online. You can list local retailers. Just tell me how I can buy a shirt.
  • If you are going to give me a way to contact you, be sure that it is something you will answer quickly.

Ok, rant over. Next I am going to try smoke signals!



  1. Inga on June 9, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    Love it Erika!! Well said! It’s amazing how often companies are not aware of the custom they are losing by not looking after their online presence.