Living this minute intentionally

MultitaskingI am a strong believer in the power of blogs. Blogs are a vital tool in every company’s arsenal to engage an audience, to provide tell their story, to provide search engines something to index.  Blogs are good.  So, when I go to a site and see a dormant blog section, I am sad. Imagine then my sadness today as I noticed that the Spring Insight blog, my very own blog area had gone without an update for nearly a month.

I have an excuse.  Indeed, I have a bunch of excuses. The main one though is multi tasking. I have decided that multi tasking is killing my ability to get anything done. It has become so easy to flip from one thing to the next so quickly that I do hundreds of little thing in a day and yet it seems that I accomplish so little.

So this month, the thought of the month, and my vow to myself is living with intentionality.  What that means is that I will plan my moments.  What do I mean? It means that for this month, I will follow these few simple rules:

  1. I will start out every day this month by identifying three objectives for the day and I will focus my attention over the course of that day on those three objectives. Those three objectives are written on a post it note on my computer lest I forget and start to drift.
  2. When I am focusing on an item, I will stay focused on that item until it is either finished or at a reasonable stopping point.
  3. I will live the moment I am living.  Meaning, if the intention of an hour is to spend it with my kids, that is not the time to check Facebook on my iPhone.
  4. I will identify and plan for down time and creative/unstructured time.  The stuff I discover as I wonder is often where inspiration is born.  It is incredibly important so I need to build it in.

So, that is both my plan and thought for this month.  Check beck to see how this month of intentionality is going.  The blog section WON’T be dormant.  I promise. 🙂

Now tell me, how do you build intentionality into your life?