Making a lie out of the truism


iStock_000017091153XSmallDo you have any truisms that just stick with you?  I have a bunch but the one that I keep remembering recently is “if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy.”  In my own life I have always found it to be true that I am always most productive when I am busy.  You can make the argument that that is true by definition.  If you are busy, you get more done.  But it is more complex than that. If you give me a task to complete when I am busy and give me the same task to complete when I am less so, I am far more likely to get it down when I have lots of other things jumping around in my head. So that means, when I am slow, I tend to get less done. I doubt I am unique in this.

So here is the thing, not every minute is a busy one.  There are minutes between the madness we need to be just as creative, just as productive and just as on top of things during those minutes.  What to do?

It is actually quite simple… Create the urgency. Deadlines don’t have to be driven by others.  You owe yourself every bit as much commitment and focus as you owe your clients, your public and your family.

What are some truisims you need to overcome?