March subject of the month: spring in sight

spring_insightWhen I originally planned the calendar and determined that March would be the “spring in sight” month, I had no idea just how warm January and February would be.

There are a number of things I love about the name Spring Insight, but easily my favorite is that it has the double usage of Spring Insight and spring in sight. Using one variant is a way to get at the left brain idea of insight and analytical thought. Using the second variant suggests the far more right brain idea of rebirth, regeneration and the promise of a fresh start.

So, when I plotted out “spring in sight” for March the notion was that we would just be starting to cast our mind to spring as we thawed out from the long winter.  Of course, it turns out with the warm weather, spring really is more here than in sight.  Check out the picture I took yesterday morning in front of the National Cathedral. Spring seems to be here, so you will just have to pretend.

This month, lots of posts about restarting, rethinking and revisiting. Spring cleaning is a well trod idea but let’s go deeper. It isn’t about cleaning, it is about completely reimagining. It is only right to rethink the way you do things, after all, spring is in sight…