What’s up with the Spring Insight marketing team?

Sometimes really amazing things happen when everything goes wrong. At the end of spring, I found my marketing department in free fall. With two people quitting in very short succession, I found myself in a position of having to rebuild quickly. What a disguised blessing this process has been! The new marketing team is not only better then ever but their addition has allowed us to expand in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible only a few months ago. Today I want to introduce you to that new team…

Marketing Team

I think you know me, but just in case… Erika is the founder of Spring Insight, head of the marketing team, and self described Chief Insight Officer. Since starting Spring Insight in 2011, she has helped dozens of local and national businesses improve their web presence. Before blazing out on her own, she spent over a decade working in marketing and online product management. She was the head of marketing for Dyscern, LLC an Internet Retailer 500 company specializing in consumer electronics. She began her marketing career working for the Walt Disney Company (no, she never had to dress-up as Goofy). Yes, she does get confused when talking about herself in the third person.

Brittany is our marketing specialist. She is in charge of figuring out how to get more people to Spring Insight Marketing Teamyour website whether it be through social media marketing, guest blogging, speaking, whatever. She loves creating and monitoring your business’s social media presence (and keeping our team on track). With eight years spent working in marketing and PR, Brittany is poised to take your LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook marketing to the next level. It’s important that your branding be consistent across all social media platforms. When she isn’t obsessing about TCU Football, Brittany will work to create a cohesive brand for your business. After finding out more about your particular needs, she will work to create a customized marketing plan for your business.

Emily is our copywriter. She writes original copy directed to engage the interest of your ideal Spring Insight Marketing Teamclient. After getting to know you, she researches your industry and drafts custom blog posts to promote services, speaking engagements, or whatever else you want your client and potential clients to know. With your input, she creates newsletters designed to funnel traffic to your website. When Emily isn’t working on cool marketing projects, she’s a professor of philosophy (no, this isn’t the beginning of a joke) at Coastal Carolina University near Myrtle Beach, SC. Actually, figuring out how to motivate college students (who chose to spend their college careers at the beach) to study philosophy has been great training for learning to write persuasive and impactful copy.

So, now that you’ve gotten to know us better, why not let us get to know you? Take a look to learn more about the services we provide (including the new Ongoing Marketing Services that the addition of Brittany and Emily have allowed us to introduce).