May idea of the month – constant change

The Spring Insight idea of the month for May is constant change.  Before I get into just what that means to me, let me just say that I don’t miss the irony of the month of May being the month of constant change. As I write this, the month is 14 days old (I know I am a bit behind in introducing it) and the month has proved to be one that has me guessing every single day.

While it is sorely tempting to spend this entire blog post talking about the shifts of weather or my children’s moods this month. (Suffice it to say, my household happiness has a direct causal link with the fortunes of the Washington Capitals hockey team and happiness is low right now.) The true meaning of constant change relates to websites. Frequently, when I talk to small business people about their websites, they talk about being “done”.  I always turn my head slightly and ask what they mean by done.  They respond that they recently redesigned and that they have (literally or figuratively) checked that item off of their list. Since you are reading this article, I know you know better.  You get that you can no more be “done” with a website than you can be “done” learning or improving or loving.

Remember the shoes for the cobbler’s kids? That was Spring Insight practicing what we preach. This month, be on the look out for more ways to improve your website, to constantly iterate and improve.