OBAN Corporation - Case Study

OBAN Corporation

Project Summary

Industry: Government Contractor

Spring Insight Services: Website creation

Year Launched: 2021

Location: Vienna, VA, USA

URL: oban-corp.com

Services provided:

  • Web strategy
  • Copy creation
  • Web design
  • Web development
Mockup of OBAN Corporation website on various devices
Purple Quotation Mark

As a rapidly growing organization, OBAN Corporation simply didn’t have the time to ensure that our website was growing with our business. That is, until we realized that we had a website that was holding us back. Spring Insight helped us create a site that represents us now and will continue to grow and evolve with us.”

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Ngozi Azubike

OBAN Corporation Logo


When OBAN Corporation approached the Spring Insight team, their website was woefully out of date. Instead of projecting an image of what the organization was (a rapidly growing government contractor with employees around the country who provide invaluable services to major government agencies), the website reflected the organization’s origin of only a few people operating a small operation. As a result, the website hindered OBAN’s ability to continue growing by giving the appearance of a smaller and less capable organization.

The Spring Insight Project

The objective of the Spring Insight project was to build an attractive, functional, and easy-to-navigate website that properly reflected the organization’s size and stature, and quickly. OBAN was looking for a partner to get to know the organization well and create content that truly captured what makes the company unique. Additionally, the experience taught them that they needed a site with  the flexibility to grow and change with them as they continue on their upward trajectory. 

Mockup of OBAN Corporation website on various devices

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