Own the microphone

Kareoke_MicrophoneI got away last weekend to Rehobeth Beach and had a great time with some friends. Among other things (not all that I will admit to) we went to the Purple Parrot Grill which hosts an amazingly fun karaoke night on Saturdays.  I won’t try and convince you that I was brave enough to get up there and sing myself but I had a great time dancing and watching.  In watching others sing, I realized something about leadership and talent. What made an entertaining karaoke performance wasn’t a good voice, or a faithful rendition of the original, it was owning the microphone.  The performers that got up and really poured themselves into the song were appreciated.  The performers that kept themselves back fell flat.  Interestingly, this was even the case when the performer completely flubbed the lines.  The performer who owned the mistake loudly was appreciated.

One performance stuck out in particular, the singer was covering the Prince song Purple Rain. His styling of the song was simply bizarre.  Now you and I both know that the song would be hard for any mere mortal to emulate. The singer didn’t timidly try and copy it, instead he went loud and proud with a totally different treatment. Do I prefer the original?  YES! But did I respect this guy and clap loudly for him for getting out there and owning his weird version?  YES!

So, your thought for the day is whatever you are doing… OWN IT! Don’t go in part of the way.  Don’t put a toe in and see how it goes… OWN IT!  Might you be signing a weird Purple Rain variant that makes no sense?  Yes, that is possible, but people will respect that you are all in.