Case Study: Plant Editors

A display of a website called "planetedit·rs cooperative" viewed on multiple devices: a desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone, showcasing responsive web design that adapts to different screen sizes. the site has a green and purple color scheme with floral motifs and emphasizes research editing services to overcome language barriers.
“We are really happy with the great work Erika did for us! We had fun working with her and we’ve been thrilled with her brilliant ideas and practical suggestions — choosing Erika and Spring Insight means you get a talented team of web designers, plus a business guru who brings kick-ass insights based on her detailed understanding of your business model.” – Nancy Hoffman


Plant Editors is a team of plant biologists who are also editors, helping  scientists outside the United States get published in U.S. scientific journals.. They contacted Spring Insight as their business was starting to take off and they wanted to take their website to the next level.

The Spring Insight Project

When Plant Editors approached Spring Insight, they had a rudimentary website that included contact information and copies of each staff member’s CV. For their site upgrade, they wanted a site that would both reflect a more professional image and also allow users to actually begin the process of initiating a project online by uploading an article for review.

Spring insight worked with Plant Editors to create a design that would convey instantly and simply the services they offer. In addition, the site was designed to be easy to use, particularly for users for whom English is not a first language. Of further importance to the Plant Editors team was making sure that the website conveyed the teams in-depth knowledge of science. They are scientists first, editors second.

The design was created with an eye to helping site viewers quickly determine if they would benefit from Plant Editors services and then direct them easily (and intuitively) on how to start the process going.

Services Provided

  • Website review
  • Website content strategy
  • Website functional design
  • Tag line
  • Graphic design