Hang Out with Erika at The Power Conference

powerconferenceI am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at The Power Conference on August 28. I will be leading a Master Class (small session limited to 10 people) on the topic of “How Your Website is Failing You and How to Fix It.” The description is below. I hope you will join! I hope you will register and join me!

“You spend hours giving out business cards, sending emails, making calls, all with the purpose of getting visitors to your website and making them into customers. If your website is like most though, it isn’t holding up its side of the bargain. Your website is failing you. Likely, it is failing you in all sorts of ways. Someone comes to your site looking for specific information and they don’t find it and assume you don’t provide that service? Your site failed. Someone comes to your site and the clutter of your homepage obscures their ability to find what they need? Your site failed. Join Erika in this discussion of how a website can fail and more importantly, how to fix it so it performs like a champ!”