Shoes for the cobbler’s kids

Perhaps you have heard the old fable about the cobbler’s children who had no shoes. I have felt that way for a bit about the Spring Insight website.  As Spring Insight has grown and taken shape, there are parts of the website that have not kept up. When I advise clients, I talk about the need to consider your website an iterative part of your business that you constantly tweak.  When I say that, I often feel the listener holding in an eye roll Intellectually we know it is important, but who has the time?

For me that time came at roughly the moment a potential client commented to me that she would love to hire me but I had no experience with working with a company through the branding process. I responded to her that I did indeed have that experience and she replied that there was no way for her to tell that from my website.  Sigh.

So, I have taken my own pill and my website has been updated. It isn’t 100% complete but I didn’t want the perfect to be the enemy of the good so here goes.  Introducing the new Spring Insight website tweeks.

First, check out the new Portfolio section.  Be sure you visit one of the new case study pages as well.

Second, take a look at the new approach section.

Finally, stop by the Spring Insight Difference page.

As always, your feedback is appreciated on the changes!

Now, what needs changing on your website?