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A sampling of Erika’s most popular topics include:

Web Trends for Small Business: What’s New? What’s Next?
Have you ever thought about how similar your web presence is to the clothes in your closet? If you are like most of us, you have a few items in your closet that are classic and will always be in fashion; you have some that are today’s fashion, and you might even have a few items that you think will be in style next season.

The various elements of your company’s web presence and the tactics you use are a lot like that. Some things, like keeping well thought-out analytics, are timeless. Other things are very much today’s fashions. Find out what is out there and how to pick and choose from among the various options

Workshop: Your Website – Good to Great.
What is your website doing for your business? Is it bringing in customers? Is it extending your brand online? Have you noticed that some websites compel your interest and make you want to learn more about a product or an organization, while, for others, you simply glance quickly at them and jump to your next task? What are the differences between those compelling sites and the average ones? More importantly, how can you make sure your website is one that interests visitors and induces them to interact further with your organization?

At this workshop-style session, Erika will provide targeted feedback on strategy, content and design. Attendees will come away with with specific, workable solutions to take their website from good to great.

David and Goliath
The last few decades have been brutal for small businesses. Every week another mom and pop or local chain seems to shut its doors, as titans such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and Home Depot seem to suck all the air out of the room. In this day and age, it can feel as though anyone setting up shop, whether online or off, risks getting “squashed like a bug” (to borrow a phrase from Shark Tank)

But is this gloomy outlook really accurate? What if David really can beat—or at least stand up to—Goliath? Learn how to fashion your own proverbial sling to stay competitive in the current environment.

Other topics include:

  • Six Reasons Your Website Is Failing
  • Websites that Perform and How to Get One
  • Seven Mortal SIns of Websites
  • Building an Age-Friendly Website
  • How Color Impacts What Your Customers See and Feel
  • Hiring a Website Designer or Developer: Eight Things You Need to Know to Be a Prepared Customer

What People Are Saying:

Clear, concise, and comprehensive. You walk away with a better understanding of the strategy underlying how to package the service or business and why. Most enlightening.– Susan I. Wranik, Owner, Susan I. Wranik & Associates

Relevant, practical advice!– Jodi Clark, participant, The Power Conference

Great speaker! Very engaging.– Sarah Cook, participant, The Power Conference

Some of Erika’s Appearances:

  • University of Maryland Alumni - Webinar
  • Agency Trailblazer – Podcast
  • The Power Conference – Bethesda, MD
  • HeraHub – Washington, DC
  • Her Corner – Chevy Chase, MD
  • Creative Colony – Silver Spring, MD
  • The Greater Bethesda  Chevy Chase Chamber of Commercee – Bethesda, MD
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