Starting again, starting right and making promises

iStock_000008083992XSmallWhen the Wikipedia page is written about Spring Insight, the founded date will be in March.  Though I left my prior job at the end of December, March is when I started putting the company together. Since that time, I have had numerous fits and starts in getting the company really going. There are just so many conflicting needs that require my attention and once you lose momentum, it is hard to get it back.

Today that changes, today I commit to the company as a top priority and I commit to you, my readers, compelling and useful content at least twice a week starting this week.  One of the hardest parts I have found about starting my company was that I was not accountable to anyone when I wasn’t sufficiently productive. If case study wasn’t really done when I planned, who really knew?  Just me. Today I am changing that by making a commitment to you.  I plan to… nay, I will publish posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  One will likely be a shorter post about something I am noticing in the industry, the other will be more in depth review of an industry best practice including examples.  My earlier ecommerce back to basics post is an example (and I will continue that series.)

The name of Spring Insight is founded on the idea of spring being the season of rebirth.  It is, but in some ways, isn’t fall also?  In fall, the school year starts which is a chance for new learning and on the Jewish calendar, we start a fresh new year. So right now for Spring Insight, a rebirth will start as we prepare for Fall.

Please let me know in comments if there are any topics you would like to me cover and please hold me to my commitment.