Taking your new business seriously

iStock_000016745483XSmallWhy is it so hard as a new business to take oneself seriously?  I went through this when I first started out (ok, I hate to admit it but I am still going through it to some extent) and I am watching a friend go through it as well.

Actually, the why is easy to understand… for most of us, we aren’t bringing in much money, sometimes there are no real deadlines (well, the nebulous need for money but nothing on a calendar) and as we discussed a couple of weeks ago, there is no map on how to get where we want to go. But when we start businesses, we have lives.  We have families, we have commitments. It only makes sense that we prioritize those very real people and needs above our nascent businesses.

And at that point my friends, you do have the treasured map… the map to failure. It is ironic that there is no guaranteed path to success and so many guaranteed paths to failure and failure to take your business is one of them.

So here are my tips on taking your business seriously:

  • Figure out your distractions and build your day to avoid them.
  • Write rules for your own behavior.
  • Build your environment to elicit your best behavior.

Do I have all the answers?  Well, it is 10:40 as I write this and I question whether my productivity today has been good at all.  But, I know I take myself, and Spring Insight very very seriously.