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ChatGPT for subject matter experts – What it does (and what it doesn’t)

March 6, 2023

Unless you have your head firmly ensconced in a sand dune, over the past few months you have been hearing a lot about ChatGPT, the open artificial intelligence tool that can create all varieties of content. As a web strategy professional, I have read and researched a lot. Opinions from people I trust in the…

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The Best Way to Accelerate Recruitment: Website Design

December 13, 2022

Quick question: how is your company’s web presence helping with recruitment? Take a minute to think about it. Got your answer? …No? Well if you aren’t sure, then it’s likely not helping at all. In fact, a poor or neglected web presence may actually be hurting your recruitment efforts. Luckily for you, today we’re going…

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A Special Thank You From Erika

November 18, 2022

This month has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to stretch our thankfulness muscles. We started the month discussing various ways to express gratitude in business and continued with thoughts on how that thankfulness can be leveraged to generate business (callous, perhaps, but this is, after all, a business blog). Now, it’s time to get…

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