The value of a great idea? Close to $0

Yesterday I met with a fellow small business person.  I was telling him about an idea I had for a related business and he commented that it was a very valuable idea and I shouldn’t be sharing it freely.  I smiled, nodded and moved on with my day.  One thing I know about myself is that I am a fount of ideas.  Not to be immodest but on a good day I can rattle great ideas off as quickly as I can count to 10.  But, my time owning Spring Insight has convinced me just how little value an idea (even a great idea) really has. The idea must be followed by creating a detailed plan on how to execute.  The plan must then be followed by careful and consistent implementation.  An idea that is never implemented? No value.  An idea that is implemented poorly?  Could be negative. So, let’s stop respecting the next big idea… it gets us nowhere.  Now amazing implementation?  That is something to look at in awe!