Want to hear about my entrepreneur crush?

Have you ever noticed that there are times in your business life when you have the sense that Her Corneryou’ve got things figured out? Everything is humming along, your business is growing, and the path seems clear. Interestingly, I was in that space when I first heard about the Her Corner Groups Plus Mastermind program. My business had experienced 3x growth that year. I had added two new team members and I was cooking with gas. Who needed a mastermind group?

As it turns out…me. Now, it is no secret that I have a rather oversized entrepreneur crush on Frederique Irwin, the founder of Her Corner and facilitator for Groups Plus. (I owe much of my success to that organization. The thoughtful and savvy guidance I have received from her and by extension, the group, has been invaluable. Plus, Fred has awesome blond curls!) So, when I got the invitation to join Groups Plus, I knew I needed to consider it. What a fortuitous decision that was! I learned so much from Groups Plus and made so many valuable connections! My only regret is that the program is only six months.

So why am I writing this? Fred will be starting a new session of Groups Plus in September and I think you should consider being a part of it. (Ok, I think that if you are a woman, who is trying to grow her business, you should consider being a part of it.) What can you expect from Groups Plus?

1. You can expect to be held accountable. This group meets monthly and if it is like my group (and I suspect it will be), it will be filled with impressive women that get shit done. The really awesome thing is you become an awesome woman that gets shit done too because you don’t want to face them if you didn’t.

2. You can expect to be supported. Between Fred (who you will talk with one-on-one for an hour monthly on top of your group meeting) and the other ladies in the group, there are so many resources available to you! It felt to me like gaining an extra 10 years of experience in business without the corresponding grey hair or crow’s feet.

3. You can expect to realize you don’t know as much as you think you do. Yep. I wasn’t nearly as ahead of the game as I thought I was. Groups Plus made me uncomfortable because I had to think about things I had never considered. I had to run numbers I had never thought to run. I had to face realities that I didn’t like. It made me grow.

Let me make this abundantly clear, there are no affiliate links here and I don’t get any compensation if you join this group. I just know that if you are reading my blog, you are smart and if you are smart, you should join this group.

Whether you are feeling at the top of your business game or in need of a nudge in the right direction, I hope that eight months from now, you’ll be where I am today—regretting that Her Corner Groups Plus is only a six month program. But the knowledge and connections you gain will be with you for the long haul. This is one of the best business decisions you could make.