Web Trends I am seeing and LOVING in 2015

When we think of design trends, we usually think of fashion. Are wide-legged pants in this fall? Are steampunk goggles still a thing?  But what about websites? Are there website design trends? Yep, there absolutely are!

This week and next, we will explore some website trends that I am seeing and discuss which ones I hope are here to stay and which ones I will be glad to see go out of style along with the hipster monocle.

This week, we are going to start with the good news—What I like:

  1. Sticky navigation: Have you ever visited a site and noticed that the top navigation stayed right at the top of your window as you scrolled down the page? That is known as “sticky” navigation. If you have not noticed it, don’t worry – when done well, sticky navigation is so subtle that you might not even be aware of it. Take a look at Grovemade or Spring Insight. Since I have it on my site, you can guess that I like this change. It puts the keys to navigation in front of the user no matter where she is on the page. So smart!
  2. Silent videos that act as openers: This year, I am seeing more creative use of
    video and I think that is a great thing. Videos add such vibrancy and personality to your page. But it’s best when the video grabs the attention of the user without being too pushy. The silent video running in the background on the homepage of AirBn just the right balance. Video really boosts your text so the user understands the value proposition your business is offering.
  3. Ghost buttons: I am seeing all sorts of websites using “ghost buttons,” and I like these in certain circumstances. A ghost button is a button that has only a frame and no filling, so the filling is the background of the site design. I really like these when they are used in conjunction with traditional buttons, since they make the traditional buttons pop. I don’t
    love them if they are the only type of button on the page.  The ghost buttons are too subtle to be used as a call to action. (Remember ghosts disappear).

Web Trends I am LovingNote the use of ghost buttons and “semi-ghost” buttons on this site.

Not all trends are good though. Next week, some trends I don’t love.