What kind and how much free content should be on your website?

I often get asked how I decide what information to share. You are the expert with a storehouse of information for your clients. But how much and what kind of information should you put out there for free?

Open Book to Free Website ContentThere are two common approaches to making sure web content wins over clients and adds to your bottom line:

  1. General vs. Expert Content: In this scenario, you post general information on broad topics for all readers and clients pay for the specifics or advanced information. For example, on a business coaching website you might post some brilliant commentary on an article from Business Insider with general advice about making small businesses more profitable, then upsell a program covering advanced concepts such as profitability ratios.
  1. Specific vs. Personalized: In this scenario, you offer an unlimited supply of free, industry-specific content and clients pay for your advice on applying this content to their own business. For example, an investment manager could offer general information about investing in mutual funds vs. government bonds, then mention that to get the biggest bang for your buck, setting up a personalized investment plan is the way to go.

Personally, I prefer a third approach:

  1. Open Book: I am very open when it comes to sharing content. As the expert, I am willing to put almost any information out there for my readers without regard to how high-level it is. There is always more information where that came from. If I can grab her (or him) with a bit of information, she is likely to be back for more. Quick timeout for a shameless plug: one way Spring Insight offers expertise is through our free web assessments (CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A FREE 20-MINUTE ASSESSMENT WITH SPRING INSIGHT). I do know that I have “fan boy” types that read everything I write and use my free information without ever ponying up. But, that is okay. They aren’t the right customer for me. (They usually have no budget). I have had a few of them recommend me though.

Keep in mind what leadership expert, Simon Sinek, says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” While there is a limited supply of your product or service, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your passion, drive, and value.

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