What to do when your strategy goes missing

strategyFailWhen I start working with a new client on creating a website, one of my hardest battles is convincing them to dedicate time and resources to creating content. Whether it is blog posts, email newsletters, or videos, creating new content is of paramount importance to establishing credibility and subject matter expertise. Really, I know that and espouse that. This makes this blog post all the more difficult to write.

I have failed where I lectured others. You know that bad dream where you feel like you forgot to put on your pants before you went to school? That is where I am, except I didn’t forget to put on my pants (most days) I forgot… or otherwise failed… to write valuable content for you, my audience.

There are lots of reasons to explain that, the Spring Insight team has been quite busy creating lots of websites, it took me longer than expected to create a new Spring Insight ecourse (more on this soon), I have a new Vitamix and have been having too much fun making smoothies.  Of course, all of these reasons are true but none are very useful. A fail is a fail, no matter the reason.

So, what next? Well, I stand up, wipe away the dust and start again. This time I start with a commitment though. This space won’t disappoint. At least once a week, visit and learn.  Content will be here. I have drawn up a schedule for the next two months with compelling and useful content. See you next week.