Erika looking worried

When you get so excited to share the information, you forget to close the sale

You know what we did? We just had our first webinar! I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. Despite it being the week before the Christmas Holidays, we had almost 30 people RSVP “Yes” that they would attend. And, of the people that said they would be there? 85% of them actually showed up. That kind of turnout for a free webinar is unheard of. I could not be more delighted… except for one little thing.

When I was talking to a work colleague today and telling her about our great turnout and results earlier today, she asked what service I promoted with the webinar. The silence as I tried to reply was telling. You know, as I prepared the webinar, I could tell there was something wrong with the end. 

Seriously, each time I rehearsed it, I felt the absence of a conclusion that would tie the talk up in a neat little bow. I chalked it up to the fact that since the talk was on a wide range of issues, there wasn’t a good way to summarize the content. The thing is, the way to summarize it was to say something like this…  “Thanks for being here! Guess what? If you hire me, I’ll keep you apprised of all of this information. Want to hire me? Here are the services I offer and here is how to hire me.” 

I didn’t do that though. I got so excited about sharing my knowledge with my attendees that I created a lot of really good information and then kind of lost the thread.

So, first, are you interested in how you can make sure that your website is prepared for 2021? Fabulous, here is the webinar I presented.

Fabulous, here is the webinar I presented.

Next, if I had inserted a sales pitch at the end, it would have been this: That is a lot of information right? You have to do a lot of work with your business. How do you keep track? You don’t. You hire the right team to keep track (us) and we do it for you. Spring Insight provides expert help with web strategy, ongoing marketing support, and ongoing maintenance. 

What does that mean? We build strategic, attractive, functional websites. We act as a result-oriented, data-driven, outsourced marketing department for companies that want an active web presence but don’t want to hire staff. We make sure the website that you spent a bunch of money on building is maintained and that you are aware of changes like those discussed in the video above.

Interested? Let’s set up a time to discuss.