Why the shower is the greatest place in the world and how to replicate it…

photo (22)Have you ever noticed that you have your most creative ideas in the shower? That you have a super human power to solve almost any issue? I know for me, in those precious moments I can substantially outperform my non shower minutes.  This morning I was thinking about this phenomenon (in where else… the shower) and I came up with why I think this is the case.

First, you are completely in your own brain. There is no external stimulation. You aren’t listening to music or reading a blog or being called by your kids.

Second, you are relaxed.  Seriously, you are in the shower. Warm water is cascading over you.  How could you not be in a happy place?

Finally, there really isn’t anything about the task at hand that requires much thought.  You have washed your hair enough that you needn’t focus any energy on that.

Now how to replicate (or at least make the most of) that shower time…

  1. Limit or cut off external stimuli to whatever extent you can.  Do you sit with a Tweet stream flowing past? How much does each glance cost you in terms of attention.
  2. Tense about a decision? Don’t think about it until you can slow down and calmly think it through.
  3. Plan ahead what you will think about next time you are in the shower.
  4. Swim a few laps. I find swimming somewhat similar because again you are focusing on the bottom of a pool.

Now off to make some big decisions about my business.  Perhaps I will take a shower in preparation.