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You Lost the Resolution Battle, but there’s Still Time to Win the War

Well, here we are six weeks into 2016. It has been an eventful year already: we in the DC area survived Snowzilla; Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders finished the Hawkeye Caucus race in a virtual tie; Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which means an early spring (and you know how much I love spring!), and the Denver Bronco’s won Super Bowl 50.

How is your year shaping up? How’s that New Year’s resolution going?

Research shows that while about half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% of people actually accomplish their goals. So, if you are in the self-motivated minority, I’d love to hear your secrets to success. But odds are you forgot that vow before you flipped to the second page of your puppy calendar.

The good news is that there’s still plenty of time to get back on track and Spring Insight is here to help! (at least, with the website side of things)

Here are four website resolutions that you can actually keep:

  1. Find a friend in analytics. Choose one day out of the month to review your analytics. Look
    for strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm ways to strengthen those weaknesses. For example, if you have a “bounce rate” greater than 80%, that typically means that traffic is not staying on your page long enough to find out what you are all about. Devise a plan to keep your incoming traffic engaged longer.
  1. Reread one page of your website monthly. Let’s be honest, times do change (and fast). Reading through one page of your website monthly will help you make sure content is fresh. Do you have a blog page? When did you last post something there? Are there pages with services that you no longer offer because clients no longer seek out those services? While you might think letting old pages sit is no big deal, having too many of them can leave the user with the impression that your business is not keeping up with changes in your industry (not to mention making it harder to find what they are looking for).
  1. Are the images you are using still serving you well? If your images could use a facelift, but you don’t want to blow your budget for the next six months, try a website like Remember to always give credit where credit is due with your photos though. Otherwise, you could end up getting sued by a green pepper photog.
  1. Are you using promotion to its full potential? As you become friendly with your analytics, say you find that you need to improve on incoming monthly traffic. There are ways to push traffic to your website (without spending a lot on advertising with Google). Blogging, having a consistent social media presence, and digital networking (for example, being active in forums and social media groups) can all drive traffic to your website. Of course, to be most successful, you need custom content designed to showcase the fabulous services you offer.

Speaking of fabulous services, have you checked out Spring Insight’s Marketing services lately? Let us help you get the word out about your business.

Now that you’ve set your goals, it’s time to join the elite 8%. I have only one more question: how will you be celebrating your success?