Your Homepage – Learn to Say No

NoI have heard from many parents that their childs’ first word was “NO!” Knowing that, it is hard to imagine as adults how hard it is to say no. Ask someone even the most ridiculous off the wall request and watch how rarely you get a straight “no”. They will talk in circles and frequently even get to a contorted yes.  If this were a blog about sales, I would be using that fact to encourage you to great riches.

This isn’t a blog about sales though. It is a blog about your homepage. As the owner of the homepage, it happens ALL the time that we must make decisions between competing priorities on our website.  For those who work with large teams, those pressures might come from others. For those with smaller or solopreneur sites, those pressures can come come from within. Either way, it seems tehre are voices everywhere telling us how it important it is to provide home page exposure to one thing or another. This is where it pays to say no. Know your website. Know the spaces you have, know where you can promote and how much. Don’t look for any empty spot. Be strategic. Be aware. Your homepage isn’t the only page on your site. Not everything needs to be there.