How Spring Insight uses generative AI

There are few technologies that are more quickly emerging or more revolutionary in the marketing and digital space than generative AI solutions such as Chat GPT or Bard. There is a lot of judgment and fear around this technology, as is typical of a revolutionary market entrant. At Spring Insight, we wanted to document our relationship with Generative AI. Because the technology is so new, the ways we use it continue to evolve. As of this writing, in Q1 2024, here is how Spring Insight uses generative AI as part of our marketing toolkit. 

We use generative AI for Ideation

Generative AI is a valuable asset for helping us to come up with ideas for content. We are able to ask for topic suggestions, naming ideas, related topics, and nuances on topics that might be appropriate to explore. Because generative AI can analyze data in creative ways, we are able to give the AI tool keywords to use in creating content ideas. 

We use AI for content structure assistance

Often we have a solid idea for a piece of content, but, perhaps it isn’t fully fleshed out. We could use a nudge in the right direction on how to break down the topic and provide a comprehensive explanation. Generative AI can be very useful in helping our team create a meaningful structure. That might mean creating an outline for a proposed whitepaper, helping to organize disparate thoughts on a blog post, or structural help on recreating content to be more specific for a given social media platform. 

We use AI to improve our content

Using generative AI to review existing content can create some valuable returns. Whether it is “smoothing” a sentence that is difficult to wrangle into submission, deriving appropriate and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly metatags for content, or creating a simple image based on a vision in someone on the team’s head that we can share with our design team for illustration creation, generative AI can be a valuable tool to help us improve our own content and give us ways to improve our efficiency in preparing content. 

We don’t use AI for final content… ever

In other words, there are a lot of ways in which we can utilize generative AI to create a better product for our clients. But, there is one way that we don’t use generative AI. We never create final, production ready content using generative AI. Because of our commitment to creating original and vibrant content that speaks in the voice of our client, we are committed to the value of human written content. Nothing replaces a human that knows the client, has interviewed them to better understand their business, and has heard the passion they have for their subject matter expertise.

The humans at Spring Insight look forward to helping you create a meaningful marketing presence that represents what makes your business unique and special. If you are ready to humanize your business through the skills of an expert marketing team (with the help of generative AI) we are here to talk. Book a time to talk to a member of our team here

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